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Hello and welcome to the HEARING HAND PROJECT

This project aims to bring attention to the importance of mental health and mindfulness whilst encouraging those taking part to explore quiet reflection and self-expression through the mediums of listening, hearing and mark making.  Listening and responding with instinctive mark making and recording sounds which are meaningful can provide an outlet for emotions that are difficult to express in other ways. By combining these elements of sound and mark, the project invites participants to explore the emotional power of sound and to take away something positive from their own experience of taking part. 


Participants Invitation

Participants were asked to spend around 10 minutes listening to birdsong, responding with marks and then recording their own cathartic sounds.  Their contributions will form part of a  sound and visual installation which will be put together by visual artist, Rebecca Barnard, combining the sounds and responses from those who choose to take part, which will be part of an exhibition at Heritage Courtyard Gallery, Wells, scheduled to open on Saturday 1st April 2023.    

Invite for Hearing Hand Project JPeg.jpg



Heritage Courtyard Gallery,

6 Heritage Courtyard, Wells  BA5 2RR

Mob: 07941 539 327

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