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about rebecca barnard

Somerset based artist, Rebecca Barnard, was born in 1961 and has roots in agriculture and arable farming.  She is presently undertaking her MA in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art which will be complete in late 2023.

Rebecca's work takes inspiration from human behaviour, our interconnectedness with each other, ourselves, and the planet over which we have custodianship.  This in turn intercepts with our connectedness to nature, mental health and the concept of the human flaw - our addiction to progression as we see it, and our incapacity to pause.


"Our past bubbles up to the surface, offering us our own histories, looking straight at us and gifting us learning.  But are we locked into self destruction?  In time, we will bubble up for future generations.  What role models will we offer them and will they be listening?"

Rebecca's background is in painting, but her recent work is multi-disciplinary, incorporating sculpture, installation, sound and film.  The work is labour intensive and many of the items used in construction are those which are past their useful life,  recycled, a product of human waste.


Rebecca exhibits throughout the UK and her work is now in private collections both at home and internationally, including USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Austria.  She has been selected for many prestigious exhibitions including the Royal Academy, Royal West of England Academy, The Society of Women Artists and various exhibitions at the Mall Galleries. 

“The compulsion to make is not something I can choose to turn on and off.  It is innate and constant.   Forming an idea, seeing light fall on an object – all manner of curiosities, is like hearing a siren call to recreate my world using paint and the materials around me. To me, that call is thrilling and when combined with the instinct to make; the whole is irresistible.”

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