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 2024 - I am at present working on a series of paintings in oil based mixed media, deeply rooted in the vibrant tapestry of street life, capturing the essence of urban existence through abstract imagery. The streets are alive with stories, emotions, and energy, and it is this dynamism that I strive to translate onto the canvas.

These paintings seek to explore a re-occurring theme in my work; the intersection of chaos and order, mirroring the complex rhythms of human life and the unintended consequences of our actions. The abstraction allows for a fluid interpretation, where the viewer can find their own meaning and connection. Each stroke, colour, and texture is a reflection of the hustle and bustle, the anonymity and intimacy, the grit and beauty that define the living spaces we make for ourselves, the overlapping histories, cultures, and experiences that create a rich, multifaceted environment. I draw inspiration from the sights and sounds of the streets: the fragmented conversations, the transient moments that often go unnoticed. These elements come together to form a visual symphony.

As with all elements of my practice, I invite viewers to immerse themselves in the world I have created, to feel the energy and to see beyond the surface. The paintings are a tribute to the to the everyday dramas and the extraordinary within the ordinary.

prices between £500 - £4,000

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