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Momentum in Black and White 2023

part of an installation titled

This film is part of a larger installation titled "The Machinery has Started".  It's disquieting imagery and sound echo a sense that things are not as they seem.


This project draws inspiration from Forster's iconic literary reference: "She has started the machinery; it will work to its end", extending his notion of the uncontrollable machinery into a multi-dimensional exploration that transcends the textual realm and becomes a tactile, off-kilter visual and audible experience.  The sculptures and surrounding elements which can be seen in the picture gallery on the exhibition page, mirror the complex narrative of human agency's interaction with larger forces, inviting contemplation of how personal decisions can resonate across the fabric of society, reflecting the idea that humans influence the world around them, whilst at the same time, unwittingly setting in motion larger, often uncontrollable and unstoppable forces that can determine the outcomes of their actions and ultimately shape the course of events.



Catharsis began from a tiny seed of loss.  Loss of peace and silence when the coming of a motorway changed life around my childhood home forever.  


This sound installation is part of a collaborative project entitled The Hearing Hand Project; an installation bringing attention to the importance of mental wellbeing and mindfulness.  Participants were invited to listen to birdsong, respond with instinctive marks and then record their own cathartic and calming sounds. By combining these elements of sound and mark, the project invited participants to explore the emotional power of sound and by focussing on these emotions, to take away something positive from their own experience of taking part.

Unravelling 2021

A collaboration between Rebecca Barnard and visual artist, Heather Wallace, who features in this work.  Heather's original idea was to express her feelings regarding the strictures of lockdown and the resulting changes in her own life through the medium of video and sound.  Rebecca directed and filmed this work, as well as edited the final outcome to create this thought provoking narrative piece.

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